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1% for the Planet

KeepCup commits to 1% for the Planet

2018 saw growing momentum in reduce and reuse – plastic straws, single-use plastic bags, disposable cups and cutlery being banned by individuals, businesses and governments.

Continued decisive action is required by business and by government to reduce the systemic waste and consumption that is destroying ecosystems and committing our descendants to a bleak future.

As we begin our 10th year we have committed to 1% For The Planet. We’ll be giving 1% of our global sales revenue to charities that support the environment and biodiversity. We’ve done lots of great things on an ad hoc basis over the years, including our current partnerships with Sea Shepherd and Oz Harvest, our joining 1% for the Planet reinforces our commitment for our team and our customers.

We do not support the idea of “charity” as the mechanism to absolve corporations of community and environmental responsibility. Too many businesses create a problem to deliver profit, and then give to charity as a mechanism to deliver CSR. Our pledge to provide 1% of revenue in cash or in kind, ensures we continue to support the responsibility of the corporate citizen to the environment, our employees and our communities.

In becoming members of 1% for the Planet we’ve joined a global movement of businesses. It is significant that we are committing revenue, not ‘profit’, to deliver good outcomes to protect the shrinking natural world.

Thank you for the support and custom that has allowed us to get to this amazing place of privilege and responsibility. We want to continue to do right by the support of those that got us here. Here’s to you, the everyday changemakers.