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In 2009 we created the solution to a problem. In 2018 we are leading the charge to ensure the world no longer needs, wants or uses disposable coffee cups.

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Globally, we estimate KeepCup users avoid more than

5 million

disposable cups daily. Every minute around the world, one million disposable cups are used and discarded.

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Our vision. A disposable free world.

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Most Popular

  1. Almond
    KeepCup Brew - Cork Edition
    From $24.00
  2. Hydro
    KeepCup Original
    From $13.00
  3. Reef
    Original - Clear Edition
    From $15.00
  4. LongPlay Bloom
    LongPlay Bloom
    KeepCup LongPlay
    From $28.00
  5. LongPlay Rosetta
    LongPlay Rosetta
    KeepCup LongPlay
    From $28.00
  6. Darth Vader 12oz Original
    Darth Vader 12oz Original
    KeepCup x Star Wars