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Going disposable free

Wondering how? This is a great place to start.

Inspiring change

As the world around us moves toward a circular economy, we want to ensure that the products we sell are used and enjoyed. This involves every aspect of the business, from design to product stewardship. Most importantly, it demands we consider the customer journey.

A large part of our journey has been building a brand that speaks to the behavior as much as the product. We are very mindful that a KeepCup unused in the cupboard is part of the problem, not the solution.

Based on a behavioral change research, reaching a 25 per cent reuse rate is the tipping point to transform behavior.

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Some easy wins

Give permission
Make it clear that reuse is accepted, endorsed and celebrated, particularly at point of refill.

Get influential
Focus on, and encourage, early adopters – a consistent demonstration of reuse by people at all levels adds credibility and influence.

Track your impact
Setting and measuring reuse targets is a great motivator – as is celebrating your wins! We have a reuse calculator tool to help you track the number of disposables you have diverted from landfill.

The stick, not the carrot
Charging extra for disposable cups means that customers pay for the waste they create. It is important that this communication is managed with integrity and supported by whole business behaviors.

Be respectful
Don’t underestimate taking people’s views into account – get people on board before you act. Understand and seek to address any concerns.

Do the work
Does your operational service model support reuse? Consider how will KeepCups be handed over, washed, refilled, stored – planning and making reuse easy is critical.


We love working with and supporting likeminded people and businesses to go disposable free.


We love working with and supporting likeminded people and businesses to go disposable free.

Glasgow Coffee Festival

Joining forces with Dear Green Coffee Roasters, we helped to make the 2018 Glasgow Coffee Festival disposable cup free.

By notifying invitees prior to the event, we found 30 per cent came with their own cup – some with an old favorite porcelain, and even some early adopters with original shiny KeepCups.

We provided cup washing stations at the event, so attendees could rinse and reuse their cups throughout the day. KeepCups were also available to buy or borrow.

Attendees tracked the number of single use cups saved from landfill, which came to the impressive total of 18,530 across the two day event. The positive atmosphere was infectious and was a highlight of the event.



Single O Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee roasters Single O cut their single use cup waste in half in a twelve month period, by encouraging their customers to embrace reuse.

Single O implemented a series of initiatives, including installing a short stay bar – inspired in part by the standing espresso culture of Italy – to encourage people to drink in, loaning out ceramic cups, introducing their branded KeepCup, and making charitable donations for each disposable cup saved.

Between May 2017 and May 2018 the team managed to reduce their single use cup waste by an impressive 47 per cent. How good is that.

Let’s inspire each other

Do you know of a success story where a café, business or event has gone disposable free? Are you interested in creating a reuse program to deliver a disposable free event, or to roll out in a cafés or workplace? We'd love to hear from you.