Case Study: Mater Health Services

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Mater Health Services comprises several hospitals, health centres, a world-class medical research institute and pathology and pharmacy businesses - all with one aim - to provide Exceptional Care. Our concerted pursuit of innovation - to discover, improve, adopt and adapt differentiates Mater as a leader in the areas of health, education and research. By integrating these fields into the delivery of exceptional healthcare services, Mater is committed to the development and maintenance of healthy communities.

Mater's commitment to environmental sustainability is long standing. In 2008 a Sustainability Committee was established to identify and implement key initiatives across several key areas including energy, water, waste, facilities design, procurement and transport.

A number of successful initiatives have been introduced across Mater's campus, including the introduction of KeepCups within Mater's on site cafes.


  • A reduction in the disposable waste caused by take away cups used in the onsite cafés.
  • Create behavioral change by encouraging staff and café users to purchase and use a KeepCup rather than disposable coffee cups.

The goal for 2012 was installing water fountains throughout campuses so that students and staff can rinse out their KeepCups on the run and refill reusable water bottles.

Strategy and execution

Mater Health are one of KeepCups biggest users and advocates within the health provider industry Australia wide, promoting the implementation of KeepCup by advertising within onsite cafés with posters and merchandise supplied by KeepCup. More importantly, a free coffee fill with the purchase of a KeepCup was offered, as was an ongoing discount each time the KeepCup was used at an onsite café.

As of April 2016, Mater has sold more than 4,500 KeepCups and of the cafés that have measured, there have been over 55,000 reuses recorded - and this number is increasing steadily. The environmental benefits from the success of this campaign are evident and this product has assisted with the awareness raising of our environmental sustainability journey

"KeepCups are a simple way for staff to commit to Sustainability at Mater"

- Director Environmental Sustainability, Chris Hill

Mater Health Services Foot print calculator

Since introducing KeepCups the following savings are made per annum:

(Calculated from the amount of cups purchased by Mater Health Services for staff, sustainability programs and sold onsite through cafés)

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