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KeepCup Brew Glass Coffee Cup

Designed to enjoy the craft and sensory pleasure of coffee to go. KeepCup Brew range of splashproof glass coffee cups is barista standard for the perfect pour.
Choose from beautiful recovered cork band to elevate your everyday ritual and double wall KeepCup Longplay. Available in 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the glass used in KeepCup reusable cups suitable for hot and cold beverages?

Yes, the glass used in KeepCups is heat-toughened for durability and safety. Tempered glass undergoes a special heat treatment process that strengthens the glass, making it more resistant to breakage and thermal shock.  The glass is premium quality with curvature and weight that makes it pleasing to hold and to use.

KeepCup lidded glass cups are designed to be suitable for both hot and cold beverages. The high-quality 25% recycled glass used in KeepCups is heat-resistant. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, ensuring your drinks stay at the desired temperature without compromising the integrity of the cup.  For ice coffee, cold brew and cold drinks we recommend the Cold Cup range, and for hot drinks you can't go past our reusable cup range.

Why is KeepCup Brew Cork the best reusable cup?

Brew Cork features the iconic KeepCup splashproof design with a 100% recovered cork band made from the waste of Portuguese wine production.  The solid 25% recycled tempered glass cup has a lovely weight to it and the robust seal on the splashproof lid is great for getting your morning coffee ritual from cafe to car to desk. The press-fit lid means the glass is lovely to drink from without the lid.

How do I clean my glass reusable cup?

To clean your glass cup, we recommend handwashing it with mild soap and warm water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals as they may damage the glass or affect its appearance. For best results, rinse thoroughly and allow the KeepCup to air dry.

Is KeepCup Longplay a double wall glass coffee cup?

KeepCup Longplay is a double wall glass coffee cup.  The clear sleeve is removable so it's suitable for using on the move, acts as an insulated glass coffee cup, keeping the heat or reducing condensation for cold beverages.

How do you put KeepCup Longplay together?

Longplay is a twin-wall design. The removable clear sleeve provides some insulation, and protects against glass breakage, allowing you to hold a large hot beverage without burning your hand and similarly prevents condensation on icy drinks. It's a great product for people who love the look and feel of glass. For optimal heat retention, heat the glass with boiling water before filling. Here's how it comes together.

Glass Reusable Coffee Cups

Brighten your coffee routine with KeepCup's iconic Brew range of reusable glass coffee cups. Using premium tempered glass and organic cork, the splashproof lidded glass range enhances the enjoyment of your daily ritual.  Glass reusable coffee cups make the perfect latte cups, allowing you to enjoy everyday rituals that enhance the look and taste of your beverage.
Coffee cups made with glass are a premium alternative to the KeepCup Original plastic or insulated stainless steel reusable ranges. The clear glass allows you to see the rich colour of your coffee, while the material ensures the taste remains pure and untainted. Invest in a KeepCup glass cup for a premium drinking experience every time.

Bring Your Dream Glass Coffee Cup to Life

With a variety of sizes, colours and customisation possibilities available, the Design Your Own feature allows you to see the colour and material combinations, catering to individual preferences on cup size, band colour, lid type and custom plug.
Explore our Gift Sets for added convenience and savings.  The bundles include Conversations With Friends featuring our bestselling set of 2 Brew Cork glass coffee cups in Filter and Press or Coffee Runner offering a set of 4 Brew reusable glass coffee cups in Moonlight, Qahwa, Eventide and Daybreak, accompanied by a duffle Coffee Carry Bag.
In addition to our glass cups, our reusables range includes water bottles and a range of specialty cold cups, designed as a low-fi alternative to single use. Stay hydrated and enjoy your favourite cold beverages in style without waste. From sleek and chic designs to functional leakproof features, our extensive collection of reusable cups caters to every taste and preference.

Explore the Benefits of Reusable Glass Coffee Cups

Discover the multifunctional advantages of KeepCup glass reusable coffee cups. Our bestselling Brew Cork offers the iconic KeepCup design, with a beautiful recovered cork band. Crafted from high-quality tempered glass, these cups boast exceptional heat resistance and durability. Whether you're enjoying a steaming hot espresso or a refreshing iced coffee, glass coffee cups maintain the optimal temperature of your drink.
For those on the go, our range of insulated glass coffee cups and glass travel coffee cups offer the perfect solution. With splashproof lids and a comfortable grip design, these cups are ideal for commuting, travelling or simply enjoying your coffee on the move. Experience the convenience and durability of glass, combined with the functionality of a travel mug, for a truly exceptional coffee-drinking experience wherever you are.