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Keep it Custom

Our products. Your artwork.

Keep it Custom

Our products. Your artwork.

Hosting an event, engaging your team or customers, driving positive impact never looked so good. Explore our range of custom colour and branding options to showcase your brand. Explore print options and design inspiration to create a product customers want to use over and over again.

Co-brand Options


Reusable plastic is lightweight option, heat resistant and durable, great for quick service environments. We love seeing how the design reveals or changes on fill.

Single colour artwork, fine lines and block print.

Full colour, wrap print and gradients.

Insulated Stainless Steel

Our 18/8 electropolished stainless steel provides a premium customisation option. You can choose to print or etch on either the band or cup area.

Single colour artwork, fine lines and block print.

An engraved finish.

Tempered Glass

Customising on glass work well for block printing and fine design. We love seeing how the design reveals or changes on fill.

Single colour artwork, fine lines and block print.

Full colour, wrap print and gradients.

Silicone Band

Silicone bands are heat resistant and non-slip. Cost and removability make silicone band printing a popular option.

Multicolour printing available; max 5 colours. Great for fine linework.
*Not available on Longplay bands.

Recovered Cork

Our cork is naturally water-resistant, antibacterial, and heat-resistant, sourced sustainably from wine cork production waste in Portugal.

A branded cork finish - yee ha!

Timeline and Process

Custom Pantone Matching

We can pantone match the print, gasket and clear straw to match for a bold look. Cold Cup Original is a low-fi way to add reuse to your daily routine and show off your delicious drink. Perfect for Ice Coffee, Cold Brew and other icy delights!

* MOQ 5000 for PMS match
Contact your account manager for more information

Artwork Guidelines

  • Provide your artwork in vector format including any brand guidelines if applicable. 
  • We exclusively use the Pantone Formula Coated Guide for our printing, ensuring consistent colour reproduction across our products. Please provide any artwork colours in PMS or we can pantone match if required.
  • Note that we do not provide design services beyond resizing and reformatting existing designs.


Can I have multiple sizes or coloured products in the same order MOQ?
Yes. As long as the artwork is the same size and on the same material we can include different product sizes and colours within the same MOQ. For example, the customised silicone band can be used across Original and Brew products in multiple sizes. 

Can I add other products or place in a gift box?
Yes. We have done lots of great collabs and events over the years. We have delivered lid off ready for immediate fill at events, in a gift box with other items as well as our standard beautiful retail packaging. Talk to us to find out what works best for you.

Can I shorten the production lead time?
In many cases yes, it's challenging to provide a single answer for all products, markets and volumes. In many cases we can turn around in 5 working days. The most important thing to note is that the production time is calculated from artwork approval, so when time is of the essence make this a top priority.

Will the print wear off in the dishwasher?
All print styles are designed to hold in the dishwasher, but will wear over time and with regular dishwashing. For longevity of print, we recommend hand washing.

What is a Vector?
Vector graphics are created with vector software (like Adobe Illustrator) and are common for images that will be applied onto a physical product. They are saved in formats like .eps, .ai, .svg. Because they are created with points, lines and shapes they can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

Raster images however are created with pixel-based programs or captured with a camera or scanner and are widely used on the web. They are more common in general formats such as jpg, gif, png. Their size depends on their resolution, which makes them look “pixelated” when scaling them to a bigger size.