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Keep it FAQtual

FAQs on sustainability, size, material and range

We’re always happy to help with your KeepCup product and order questions. Take a look through our frequently asked questions below - you might find the answer without needing to contact us.

What makes KeepCup stand out in terms of sustainability and design?

KeepCup is renowned for its authentic commitment to sustainability, in 2009 it launched its first single-use cup alternative KeepCup Original, and has grown to design a unique range of cups, travel mugs and bottles.  KeepCup is the only reusable company that has conducted Life Cycle Analysis on its products and supply chain. It manufactures and assembles locally in the UK and Australia in solar powered warehouse facilities.

How does KeepCup contribute to environmental initiatives?

KeepCup is a B Corporation and donates 1% of its revenue to protection of the environment and the natural world, so with every purchase, KeepCup customers actively support environmental causes. KeepCup has longstanding product partnerships with Sea Shepherd, the Bob Brown Foundation and most recently, WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

Which KeepCup product will suit me best?

Our reusable products are designed for beverage and occasion. KeepCup Reusable Cups have an easy press on lid, designed to be similar in functionally to be single-use products.  The lids are splashproof, perfect for a short walk from café to office, home to car and comes in tempered glass – Brew, lightweight plastic – Original and insulated steel – Thermal. KeepCup Traveller is a Travel Mug designed for spontaneous drinking on the go. It is insulated and has a leakproof sipper lid that is safe to carry in your bag. The unique KeepCup Bottle unscrews in the middle for easy fill, easy clean. The Bottle converts seamlessly to a Travel Mug when you want to travel light.

The latest Cold Cup range is a splashproof design specially for icy beverages, where visual pleasure is part of the drinking experience – boba, cold brew, iced coffee – we’ve got you covered. KeepCup will be available in our US store in February 2024, in the meantime, please order from the UK store.

Which is the best Cold Cup?

The Original Cold Cup is the sell out cult favourite - simple, lightweight clear plastic. Longplay Cold Cup features tempered glass with a removable plastic sleeve to prevent condensation and retain temperature. Brew Cork is tempered glass with bestseller cork band.

Is KeepCup suitable for both hot and cold beverages?

Yes they are, KeepCup products are designed to accommodate both hot and cold beverages. The innovative design ensures your drinks stay at the perfect temperature wherever you go.

For keeping hot and cold we recommend insulated stainless steel, for pure enjoyment glass, and for no fuss easy carry our coloured plastic or clear Tritan range.

Are KeepCups dishwasher safe?

KeepCups are designed for convenience. Toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning while maintaining use of your reusable cup and bottle. Specific care instructions can be found here.

Do I need a bottle brush?

KeepCup Bottle unscrews in half for thorough dishwasher clean, hygienic and long lasting. No bottle brush required. Easy fill. Easy clean.

How does KeepCup prioritize sustainability in their materials?

Sustainability begins with designing fit for purpose products.  KeepCup is known for its use of recovered and recycled materials.  The tempered glass used 25% recycled content, cork bands are recovered from the wine industry. KeepCup 8oz Traveller is made from 90% recycled steel. The Cold Cup range features 100% recycled plastic range. Above all using one and using well has the greatest impact on reducing carbon.

Which size KeepCup should I choose?

We’ve created a detailed size guide, which includes all the information you’ll need to help you find which KeepCup is right for you. As a quick summary XS/4oz/6oz are espresso size, S/8oz perfect for a flat white, M/12oz is mug size, the standard size in most coffee chains, and L/16oz great for ice beverages, larger coffees and smoothies.

Where are KeepCups manufactured?

All KeepCup products are hand assembled in our local warehouses in Melbourne and London. We manufacture and assemble locally in Australia and United Kingdom, with components coming from China and Portugal. KeepCup is a Living Wage employer.

Are KeepCups and Bottles BPA and BPS free?

KeepCup lab tests all KeepCup products to independently verify they meet global food safe compliance requirements. KeepCup products are free from BPA, BPS, phthalates including DEHP, lead and cadmium.