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Size Guide

Size Guide

The world’s first barista standard reusable cup that has grown to define an entire reuse category. Made to last with durable, quality materials. Hand and assembled in Australia and the UK. Don't waste today.

Available in a range of materials, colours and sizes, there is a KeepCup and Bottle to suit you. Start with an overview of our range which follows industry-standard sizes, or work backwards from your favourite beverage.

Match your drink order to the perfect KeepCup size

KeepCup volumes reflect disposable cup sizes commonly used in cafes around the world. So whether you’re an espresso, latte or smoothie drinker, there is a KeepCup size to match.

Espresso and macchiato
Our extra small size is perfect for the shortest and strongest coffees. Our tip for the parents out there: this size makes for an excellent babyccino to keep the little one happy while you enjoy a real coffee.
AT THE MAJOR CHAINS: Order a Demi at Starbucks or any short drinks at your local coffee shop
AVAILABLE IN: Brew, Brew Cork, Thermal

Flat white and latte
Our small size most closely resembles the internal volume of an in-house latte glass.
AT THE MAJOR CHAINS: Order a Short at Starbucks or a Small at Café Nero
AVAILABLE IN: Brew, Brew Cork, Original

Tea and cold brew
Medium is our most popular size, the internal volume is similar to a large mug.
AT THE MAJOR CHAINS: Order a Tall at Starbucks, Medium at Café Nero, Small at McCafe or Primo at Costa
AVAILABLE IN: Helix, Brew, Brew Cork, Thermal, Original

Iced coffee, bubble tea and smoothies
Our large is a popular midsize volume for coffee chains. At almost half a litre, it’s a versatile choice for tea, iced beverages and smoothies as well as coffee.
AT THE MAJOR CHAINS: Order a Grande at Starbucks or Café Nero, Medium at McCafe or Medio at Costa
AVAILABLE IN: Helix, Brew Cork, Thermal, Original

Choose your Bottle size

You’ve always used your KeepCup out and about. Now you can caffeinate and hydrate, and everything in-between, with the new, multi-material, twist-fit KeepCup Bottle.

Untwist in the middle so you can add ice, fruit, boba or anything in-between. Available in two sizes and a range of materials to suit your favourite drink.

Medium 18oz/530ml
A medium cup with a bottle extension, our medium Bottle is perfect for your smoothies, boba or slurpees.

Large 22oz/660ml
For max hydration, our largest Bottle is great for iced tea, fruit drinks, or even mixing up a cocktail for your friends at the park.


Need to know if your KeepCup will fit your cup holder or bike bottle rack?

Our handy diagram shows the measurement points you need to know, so you can check the table for dimensions.
Range and Size Height (lid on)  Base diameter  Diameter (band)
S 8oz/227ml 100mm / 3.9" 60mm / 2.4" 82mm / 3.2"
M 12oz/340ml 125mm / 4.9" 60mm / 2.4" 82mm / 3.2"
L 16oz/454ml 150mm / 5.9" 60mm / 2.4" 82mm / 3.2"
XS 6oz/177ml 94mm / 3.7" 56mm / 2.2" 74mm / 2.9"
S 8oz/227ml 100mm / 3.9" 56mm / 2.2" 82mm / 3.2"
M 12oz/340ml 120mm / 4.7" 63mm / 2.5" 82mm / 3.2"
XS 6oz/177ml 94mm / 3.7" 56mm / 2.2" 79mm / 3.1"
S 8oz/227ml 100mm / 3.9" 56mm / 2.2" 88mm / 3.5"
M 12oz/340ml 120mm / 4.7" 63mm / 2.5" 88mm / 3.5"
L 16oz/454ml 163mm / 6.4" 62mm / 2.4" 88mm / 3.5"
XS 6oz/177ml 95mm / 3.7" 56mm / 2.2" 73mm / 2.9"
M 12oz/340ml 132mm / 5.2" 64mm / 2.5" 82mm / 3.2"
L 16oz/454ml 165mm / 6.5" 64mm / 2.5" 82mm / 3.2"
M 12oz/340ml  113mm / 4.4" 58mm / 2.3" 85mm / 3.3"
M 12oz/340ml 126mm / 5" 64mm / 2.5" 84mm / 3.3"
L 16oz/454ml 164mm / 6.5" 64mm / 2.5" 84mm / 3.3"
M 18oz/530ml 192mm / 7.6" 58mm / 2.3" 85mm / 3.3"
M 18oz/530ml 205mm / 8.1" 64mm / 2.5" 84mm / 3.3"
L 22oz/660ml 242mm / 9.5" 64mm / 2.5" 84mm / 3.3"