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One industry’s waste is another industry’s treasure.

Looking at waste as a resource to be recovered and repurposed means we can interrupt the linear flow of waste to landfill - the key principle of circular economy. We love innovating with materials, especially the organic type.

For nearly 10 years, we’ve been committed to developing recovered materials range, KeepCups that are a pleasure to hold, a beauty to behold, material that holds a story, and overtime, develops another. 

New and a-maizing!

Durable tempered glass accompanied by a corn band, made from recovered agricultural waste in Portugal.

An organic, dappled texture that’s a pleasure to hold and an ever-changing patina that’s the perfect pairing
for your favourite roast.

Available in two exclusive colourways, Toffee and Spice, across three sizes.

How it's made

Once dried, the left over corn waste is granulated, then compression-moulded with a very small amount of vegan food grade bonding agent.

A café classic

The original recovered material, Brew Cork launched in 2014. Tempered glass with a cork band made form the by-product of cork production industry in Portugal.

Designed to enjoy the craft and sensory pleasure of coffee on the go.

A drafted vessel for easy pour with a press fit sipper lid, it's lovely to drink from - lid on or off.

Touch wood

Upcycled from wood manufacturing waste, our Brew Wood’s been doing good! Too good, actually. It’s sold out but returning soon!

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